Greetings from Auritz/Burguete

Our mayor is the leader in this new program "Monitoring of migratory birds through the Atlantic. Lindus "which the entire city can be proud.

Since initiating the project, we worked with specialists in the development of these programs and in collaboration with other partners including the League for the Protection of Birds and Management Delegation Aquitaine Ambiental de Navarra implementing a comprehensive and coordinated team for the implementation and technical development of the project.

The result of these efforts was the realization of the first camp écovolontariat for watching migratory birds during the months of August and September 2010 at Lindus experience that has produced very positive results both in terms of observation and data entry that scientists in terms of dissemination of the project and resources of the area among visitors and eco-volunteers participating. Tourists were also aware of the experience.

For this reason, the City Council of Auritz / Burguete is proud and pleased with the experience, and we are working to establish facilities to improve future editions.

That said, we invite you to join this exciting project and to discover an innovative experience by participating in this program observing migratory birds.

A hearty hello

Joxepe Irigarai

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