This year again we have an appointment with two hundred and fifty more migratory species. Black Kites, Bondrées, Harriers, Hawks, circaetus, Ospreys, ... Storks, pigeons gull, waders, geese, cranes and countless sparrows can be observed. It is also an opportunity to admire vulture, golden eagle, the vulture, the vulture ..., symbols of the Basque Country. Among other species studied, we will continue close monitoring of black storks, circaetus and Red Kites. And like every fall, we will pay particular attention to the migration of Pigeons and the impact of hunting on their travels.

Year after year, your participation in the monitoring of migration allows you to accumulate valuable information on trends in migratory populations. For example, the Red Kite which was detected transpyrénéens declining enrollment since 1989, thus corroborating the studies of some breeding areas now seems a little better position since 2004, or conversely, the finding welcoming Increasing populations of storks, with a record 2008 for the black stork and white stork.

The program also offers the opportunity to host a large public, provide information on bird migration in Europe and in Aquitaine, and raise awareness about the abuse of hunting and damage inflicted on mountain environments and the nature general. Carry out scientific monitoring and information we believe is essential for progress in protecting species and migratory routes. This objective can be realized without your involvement and that, whatever your level of experience because after a few days and exchange of land with permanent, the minimum knowledge is acquired. We invite you back to work, by joining us on the study sites. Meet or meet again to share the magic of the great migration over the sea or any water or clouds, the convivial evenings around a fire and a flat.

Without volunteers, the program's success is impossible. Also, as in past years, we invite you to participate as volunteers or qu'écovolontaires.

Coordination of program sites Lindus: Organbidexka, and Lindux Lizarrieta in Basque Country, the French side is provided by the French program partanaire Lindus, LPO Aquitaine, from July 15 to November 15 for the first two, from September 15 to November 15 for the latter.

This year, the program Lindus, an International Camp is organized écovolontariat Lindux from August 3 to September 27 with support for accommodation, food and extra staffing. This experimental program does not exclude the conditions of participation as a volunteer. It is coordinated by the leader of the program Lindux, mayor of Aurite / Burguete

So, see you soon in the Basque Country to the general rendezvous of migratory! ...

The difference between eco-volunteers and volunteers

As Ecovolunteers, you are fully supported from your arrival until your departure from the reception site, you receive training, you must follow a period of ten days in the presence of dates set by the organization , you must follow daily schedules, you do not choose your site, or duration of your presence or your daily schedule

As benevolents orvolunteers, you are not fully supported from your arrival until your departure from the reception site (the food is at your expense), you do not receive specific training (the permanent sites are still there to advise you and help you), you choose your dates and duration of presence (within the limits of accommodation places available if you wish to be hosted). You manage your daily schedule, you choose your site, your presence and duration of your daily schedule


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